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Wing Commodore Sponsorship: $75,000

Wing Commodore Sponsorship: $75,000

Benefits will include:

RECOGNITION – Wing Commodore Sponsors will be verbally identified as a sponsor of one of the 24 formations that will pass over the National World
War II Memorial during the actual fly-over

PERSONAL INVOLVEMENT — Opportunity for company CEO or other designee to be on the ground at Culpeper Airport with more than 70 of the rarest and most historically significant aircraft in the world as the pilots prepare for the fly-over

VICTORY GALA – Wing Commodore Sponsors will receive recognition from the dais during the Thursday, May 7 Victory Gala and on signage and other printed materials. In addition, Wing Commodore Sponsors will receive one (1) table (seating a total of 10 guests) in a preferred location at the Gala

PRIORITY SEATING – Wing Commodore Sponsors and their guests will be invited to watch the historic fly-over at the National WWII Memorial with a private narrator on May 8 from ten (10) reserved seats in prime location at the Memorial

COMMEMORATION – Wing Commodore Sponsors will receive one (1) U.S. flag flown over the U.S. Capitol and Pearl Harbor before being flown in a participating aircraft during the Arsenal of Democracy Fly-over



VISIBILITY — Prominent recognition as an “Wing Commodore” of the Arsenal of Democracy 75th World War II Victory Commemoration Fly-over in print, electronic communications and materials, including:

• Logo prominently displayed at all Arsenal of Democracy Fly-over events

• Logo on planned promotional and marketing materials circulated to military- and civilian-themed publications and identified print and electronic channels

• Sponsor will be featured on www.airspacemag.com and www.Smithsonian.com for two months (April and May, 2020) in context with fly-over-related coverage on World War II. Sponsor will also be recognized with logos and hyperlinks to sponsor’s website where branded World War II content can be featured


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