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General Information and Frequently Asked Questions


Questions and additional information will be added frequently.  Please check back often to see the exciting details.


How can I participate?
The general public is welcome to watch the WWII Flyover on Friday, September 25th, 2020 starting at 11:30am ET. There are countless vantage points along the flight path. However, there is no planned ceremony at the WWII Memorial due to District of Columbia COVID-19 related restrictions.

What about COVID-19?

The Arsenal of Democracy organizers are not planning any public ceremonies in conjunction with this commemorative Flyover. Anyone interested in viewing this flyover from any public viewing area should take the necessary personal precautions as prescribed by the local government and CDC guidelines.

How can I volunteer?
Given the security and limited opportunities to volunteer at the WWII Flyover, we are not anticipating that we will be recruiting additional assistance.


How can my airplane participate in the Flyover?
The formations for the WWII Flyover are complete. We cannot use any additional aircraft for this event.


May I ride in the Flyover?
There is no opportunity to ride in the Flyover.


Where is the best place to watch?
The best places to watch would be a location between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument with a clear view of the airspace above the National Mall. Please refer to the Route Map for the flight path. We encourage you to enjoy the flyover from any vantage point from the Key Bridge near Georgetown to Old Town Alexandria along the waterfront. The viewing public is reminded to socially distance while observing the flyover, and the wearing of masks is mandatory as directed by District of Columbia COVID-19 restrictions.


How can World War II veterans participate?
World War II veterans can register at http://casite-1280938.cloudaccess.net/veterans/. Unfortunately, given the vast scope and physical span of the WWII Flyover, we cannot guarantee seating for all guests wishing to participate. The Flyover will be on display for everyone in the viewing area.


What is the time/route of the Flyover?
The Formations are scheduled to begin over the Lincoln Memorial at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on September 25th, 2020. The airplanes will fly North to South down the Potomac River and then east along Independence Avenue and the National Mall. Please refer to the Route Map for more details. The Flyover will be in the Washington, D.C. airspace for approximately 70 minutes.


Is there a place to see the aircraft on the ground?
Unfortunately – No.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our planned public viewing has been canceled.  The only public viewing of these magnificent aircraft will be during the actual flyover from your selected spot along the flyover route.


Can clubs sign up to participate?
Given the security and limited opportunities to volunteer at the WWII Flyover, we are not accepting additional volunteers


What about media and freelance photographers?
We encourage all members of the media and independent photographers to register here for the most updated information.


How many aircraft will participate?
There will be over 70 authentic World War II aircraft flying in 24 formations that comprise the WWII Flyover. The exact number is subject to change based on fundraising and availability.


Will there be a narration of the event?
We have plans for a live broadcast accessible via your smart phone or electronic device. Check back for details.


Is there a rain date?
The rain date will be Saturday, September 26th.


Will people be able to ride in the aircraft during the week?
No. Due to the COVID pandemic, the Arsenal of Democracy organizers are not planning any WWII aircraft rides for sale. A web-search of WWII Aircraft Rides for Sale” may lead you to some local opportunities before or after the Flyover event.


What altitude with the Formations fly?
The Formations will fly over Washington, D.C. at 1,000 feet in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations.


Aircraft listed have agreed to participate, but due to factors such as weather or mechanical issues, participating aircraft are subject to change without notice.

The event organizers of the Arsenal of Democracy are General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATC), International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) and Commemorative Air Force (CAF).  Through the sponsorship of the CAF, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consult your tax advisor. Tax ID 74-1484491. 

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