Guadalcanal Campaign


Photo by Paul Bowen

Thrusting Towards Japan

While the U.S. had been caught off guard by the speed of the Japanese advance across the pacific, U.S. forces were ready to strike back – hard – by August 1942. The Guadalcanal Campaign would be directed at capturing key airfields and supply bases in the Solomon Islands which, if held by the Japanese would isolate the United States from its Allies, Australia and New Zealand. While the fight could be characterized as a brutal up-close brawl in the dense jungles of the Island, the aircraft stationed there came to play a key roll in the campaign as well.




TFLM_FM 2 Wildcat_Moose Peterson

Grumman F4F Wildcat

Aircraft Type: FM-2 Wildcat

Organization: Texas Flying Legends Museum

Photo Credit: Moose Peterson

Fighter Factory_FM-2 Wildcat_moreno Aguiari

Grumman F4F Wildcat

Aircraft Type: FM-2 Wildcat

Organization: Military Aviation Museum

Photo Credit: Moreno Aguiari

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