Photo by Paul Bowen

Falling Into France

As the war progressed, it became increasingly obvious that it was necessary to open a Western front against the Germans, which would hopefully ease the pressure on the Soviets in the East – the Allied landings in Sicily and later Italy – had partially served this purpose, but the terrain there favored the strong German defense – and landing sites in Northern Europe began to be considered for an operation of unparalleled scope scheduled for Spring 1944. The start of the operation was delayed by planners – and later by weather – eventually occurring on June 6, 1944.

Featured Aircraft: Douglas C-47 Skytrain

Derived from the Douglas DC-3 – a civilian airliner produced in the pre-war years, the C-47 was a transport and cargo airplane which made a significant mark on the history of the war. In fact, when Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower was asked which pieces of equipment contributed the most to total allied victory he said, The Atomic Bomb, The Bazooka, The Jeep and the C-47. He called them his “Tools of Victory.” The characteristic shape of the C-47 when viewed from below lead the troops to call it the Gooney Bird, and was often a welcome sight – carrying ammunition, food and equipment into remote areas, while also evacuating the wounded. Its chores were certainly myriad – however, its role in the Allied airborne operations of the war saw it burned into the narrative of World War II. On the night of June 5, 1944, 822 C-47s dropped 13,100 Paratroopers of the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions into France. These men would be the vanguard of the largest amphibious invasion in history, which arrived at dawn – beginning the liberation of Europe.


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TFLM_C 53_Moose Peterson

Douglas C-53 Skytrooper

Aircraft Type: Douglas C-53 Skytrooper The Duchess of Dakota

Organization: Texas Flying Legends Museum

Photo Credit: Moose Peterson


Douglas C-47 Skytrain

Aircraft Type: Douglas C-47 Skytrain Miss Virginia

Organization: Karl D. Stoltzfu – Dynamic Aviation

Photo Credit: Richard Mallory Allnutt